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auto repair St. LouisIf your vehicle breaks down then you have to find a mechanic fast! Unfortunately finding an auto repair specialist isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You have to choose someone who can get your vehicle back to you quickly, but also offers you a good deal and great service. 
There are plenty of ways to find a great auto repair specialist but you should usually start by asking your family and friends. Chances are that they have used a mechanic in the area and they would probably be happy to recommend you to someone great. So how do you find the right mechanic? Check the following tips to find out.

Every STL auto repair specialist has a reputation and you can probably find it pretty easily. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, check the web, and even ask around at your local auto-parts store to see who’s got a good reputation and who doesn’t. Basically you want a mechanic who leaves happy customers, so that you will be happy too.

Consider whether or not the mechanic offers specialization. For example, if you have a BMW then you want to go to a St Louis auto mechanic who services only BMW. Specialization allows the person or company to have more experience with a single brand of car, and usually to have more parts on stock. Of course, you can go to any repair shop, but a specialized one is more likely to offer the best service for your vehicle. 

St. Louis Auto Repair

 and Services

St Louis Auto Repair Phone Number  Location  Services Provided
5 Star Auto   636-940-7600  St. Charles  Auto Repair
Columbia Auto Repair  636-937-5010  The Hill  Full Service Auto Repair
Donelson Cycles  314-965-0166  South County  Motorcycles - Scooter Repair
Hohmeier Auto Body  314-481-7129  South St. Louis  Auto Body Repair
MJS Car Sales  636-949-2500  St. Charles  Auto Repair 
Shine Time Auto Detailing  314-329-5052  Everywhere  Amazing Auto Detailing 
St. Louis Lock and Key  314-494-2410  South County  Automotive Locksmith
Suntrup VW  314-892-8900  South County  Full Service Auto Repair - Body
Jay Wolfe Toyota Scion   314-207-3900  West County  Full Service Auto Repair - Body
Marshall Ford   888-749-7814  St Charles  Full Service Auto Repair - Body
Sapaugh   888-937-0055  Jefferson County  Full Service Auto Repair - Body
South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep  314-487-1010  South County   Full Service Auto Repair - Body
Weber Chevrolet  314.567.3300  Creve Coeur and Illinois  Full Service Auto Repair - Body

Compare Prices – Guess what! Not everyone offers the same prices. Consider calling around to ask what a vehicle checkup would cost, of if you know what’s wrong, what replacing that part would cost. Most local STL mechanics are happy to offer quotes, and all of them can tell you the price of parts right over the phone. Some mechanics might charge more for parts but you can figure this out in advance and avoid them. You may also be able to save money by choosing a mechanic who allows you to purchase your own parts if you know what is wrong.

Location – While it is relatively easy to drive a working vehicle to a mechanic who is halfway across town, it might not be so easy getting back. Unless you have friends or family willing to take you or you can get there via public transport, you want the mechanic to be as close to your house as possible. You can also consider finding a St. Louis auto repair specialist wiling to deliver your vehicle back to your home, although this is likely to be costly.

Speed – Speed is important, especially when it comes to your car. If one mechanic promises to have your car fixed in 24 hours then they are likely a better option than one that says in 3 days. While the first might charge a little more, you can usually expect to end up paying money for taxis or public transport if you do not have a car. Time is money, especially when it comes to transportation.

There are plenty of ways to find a great auto repair specialist but you should usually start by asking your family and friends. Chances are that they have used a mechanic in the area and they would probably be happy to recommend you to someone great.
Services Performed by a St Louis Auto Body Shop 

While many auto body shops offer different services depending on the type of experience and training that their employees have, most offer the same basic services. Typically these services only cover the outer body of the vehicle and not the engine. While some shops will also offer light and speaker installations, this is once again, not always true as some auto body shops don't offer these services.  

auto body St. LouisPainting: Painting is one of the core services of any auto body shop in St Louis. Expect to find full detailed painting as well as patch painting to repair a paintjob. Many offer highly professional painting services that can be difficult to tell from a car with a new paint job. Usually an auto body shop will offer different types of paint such as matte, high gloss, or metallic, and some offer different finishes as well. Specialty auto-body shops might also offer detailed painting with images or graphics painted on as well.   

Body Repair: Most auto body shops use body repair as their main service. Typically this will include repairing dents, fixing holes, and replacing broken body parts to improve the cosmetic appearance of the vehicle. Exact services do vary but replacing broken parts is usually available. Many will also offer different types of filler for fiberglass or metal. Some auto body shops specialize in restoration, meaning that they make a used or antique car look as new as possible.

Detailing: While not always present, many auto body shops include a thorough cleaning as one of their services. A full detailing usually includes in depth cleaning, polish, and wax, which keeps your car looking like new for longer. More info about Auto Detailing in St Louis

Trim: The main purpose of an auto body shop is to make a vehicle look good, so most also offer trim installation. Most shops will be able to order and then install the trim in a number of types or shades. However, this service is not available at every auto body shop.  

While many of these services are offered by most auto body shops, they might not be offered by every shop. Some shops offer extras like refitting parts to cooler ones (such as upgrading the trim, mirrors, and hubcaps), while others will stick with basic body repair. Some auto body shops do not work with the interior of the vehicle while others do. This means that some shops might actually offer total car renovation or repair (except for the engine). Light installation, speaker installation, and specialty item installation such as Turbo may also be available depending on the shop.  

Some auto body mechanics specialize in certain types of cars. For example, one repairman might specialize in classic cars, meaning that he is used to working with metal frames and is most likely adept at welding out rust spots and repairing metal. Others work with specific makes, such as a Mercedes Auto Body Repair Shop, mechanics sometimes specialize in order to be able to lower prices by only having to order from one company.


 Hello, and Thanks for stopping by today. We're going to take a minute to discuss something that EVERY driver should know about. Proper Tire Choice For Your Car. Now, to be clear I will do my best not bore you to death, and keep this segment of information as informative and interesting as possible.

tires St LouisOK, so where we are in the US right now, Fall is upon us, and that primarily tends to trigger a few thoughts. One, think about when your last oil change was, and two, do the tires on my car have enough tread to last through the winter? Well, not everyone thinks like us, but it doesn't hurt to embrace it every now and then. To put this conversation into perspective, you would have to think about this as a precautionary tidbit of information. The tires on your car, truck, or SUV or vital to how you handle the road in all weather conditions, and tires that are worn, and have less than 50% of tread on them, are susceptible to fail in adverse conditions.

 The proper tire choice comes down to a few different factors.

  1. Type of vehicle you drive.
  2. Budget
  3. Type of tire you want to have underneath you.  

 To make this simple, this is what you have to do. First off you would need to buckle down, and do some online research on tires for your vehicle. If you drive a 2009 Honda Civic, and winter is only 2 months away, you would need to source some good All Weather/Season tires. Something that provides grip in the snow, and slush, and will perform well when Winter has left the building. Same thing applies to you SUV owners out there. An AWD system is a great asset for your vehicle to have, but it means nothing without the proper tires to help keep the car under constant control. It never hurts to give yourself at least 3 solid tire purchasing options, so that the final comparison won't be about quality, but more along the lines of your budget.

 Your budget affects EVERYTHING you buy in life. The McDonald's you ate for lunch, the RayBan sunglasses you picked up last week, even those movie tickets to see Hercules, all had some type of effect on your budget. Buying tires is no different people. Like I mentioned in step 1, find the tires you like, and then find the best deal for them. In some cases you don't have to buy all 4 tires, just the two the do all of the work in moving the car. If the tires you want are going to run you $185, plus the cost of installation, then you need to save that dough, so that you can buy the tires you need before the bad weather truly kicks in.

 Lastly, the type of tire you want for your vehicle is very important when choosing the right set of tires for your car. I know that I touched on this in the first section, but let me just say this, and then I'll let you go. Winter tires are awesome to have for the winter, but then they tend to wear down when all the slush and snow is gone. On top of which, Winter tires are very ideal ONLY if you have a set of wheels/rims to put them on, and you have place to store them when winter goes away. Other than that, that's a lot of money to invest in some seasonal rubber. My suggestion is to find a good, ideal, budget minded All Weather/All Season tire that will provide you with great all around coverage for your vehicle. Just be prepared to throw in a little extra cash to get what you really want. Because if you didn't know, tires aren't that cheap, and no amount of money should come between you and your safety.


st louis auto detailingIn addition to hard work, auto detailing is also an art form.  To get a car show quality result, a pro St Louis Auto Detailing company is extremely thorough in the cleaning, polishing, and waxing.  In fact, it is almost like giving your car a trip to the spa as both it's exterior and interior are given total attention and nurturing.  There are different levels and price points of auto detailing services, even a little goes a long way.  Your car works hard for you, give it a day at the spa by hiring a professional and experienced St Louis auto detailing company.

St Louis Auto Detailing

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